Kung Fu Attack Kung Fu Attack

Colorful, quick paced action arcade game where you must race an ever rising slime flood while poundi...

War of Money War of Money

In the game, you need to pick up the money to buy weapons. When you are down, the enemy will steal ...

Fighter vs Warcraft Fighter vs Warcraft

Warcrafts are envading your world! As a fighter, you can not tolerant them to do damage to your home...

Gallant Fighter with Blades Gallant Fighter with Blades

Enemies are many;you are alone.They have shield and knife;you have only double blade. However you ne...

Street Fighter 2 Street Fighter 2

Play the famous fighting game street fighter in flash version!

Take To The Streets Take To The Streets

Take the fight to streets and kill 'em.

Hobo 4: Total War Hobo 4: Total War

Things are getting crazy for this hobo. It is all out war this time and he is back with new combos a...

Battle for Alandria Battle for Alandria

The game consist of 13 missions. Each mission consists of several tens of rounds. Each round is divi...

High School Wars High School Wars

It's your gang versus theirs. Chavs, Punks, Jocks and Hoodies, who will you side with? Raise your fi...

Stick War Stick War

Take control of any unit as you command your vast stick figure army! - We tried our best to make ...

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